• ILASS-Asia
  • ILASS-Asia (The Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems) was established in 1991. It is a part of the International Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems (ILASS-International). ILASS-Korea, ILASS-China, ILASS-Japan, ILASS-Taiwan, and ILASS-India belong to ILASS-Asia. ILASS-Asia is a non-profit organization of engineers, researchers, academics and students working on liquid atomization and sprays. The first annual conference of ILASS-Asia was held in 1996 as a joint symposium of ILASS-Japan and ILASS-Korea.


    Annual meeting of ILASS-Asia
    No. Date Year Venue Host Country
    1st Dec 24-25 1996 Keio Univ. (Yokohama) Japan
    2nd Oct 11 1997 Konkuk Univ. (Seoul) Korea
    3rd Dec.21-23 1998 Gunma Univ. (Kiryu) Japan
    4th Sep 30-Oct 2 1999 Kyunghee Univ. (Yongin) Korea
    5th Dec 13-15 2000 MEL (Tsukuba) Japan
    6th Oct 11-13 2001 Marriot Hotel and BEXCO (Busan) Korea
    7th Nov 14-16 2002 National Cheng Kung Univ. (Tainan) Taiwan
    8th Dec 18-20 2003 Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo) Japan
    9th Aut 22-24 2004 Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. (Shanghai) P.R.China
    10th Oct 13-14 2005 Hanyang Univ. (Seoul) Korea
    ICLASS 2006 (Asia) Kyoto Citizen’s Amenity Plaza, Kyoto, Japan (Aug 27 ~ Sep 1)
    11th Nov 8-9 2007 Tech. Sci. Inst. of N. Taiwan (Taipei) Taiwan
    12th Dec 18-19 2008 Keio Univ. (Yokohama) Japan
    13th Oct 15-17 2009 Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. (Wuxi) P.R.China
    ICLASS 2009 (America) Vail Mt. Marriott Resort and Spa, Vail, Colorado, USA (July 26 ~ 30)
    14th Oct 21-22 2010 Ocean Suites Jeju Hotel (Jeju Island) Korea
    15th Oct 19-21 2011 Howard Beach Hotel (Kenting, Pingtung) Taiwan
    ICLASS 2012 (Europe) Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany (September 2 ~ 6)
    16th Dec 18-19 2013 Nagasaki Univ. (Nagasaki) Japan
    17th Oct 27-28 2014 Tongli Lakeside Hotel (Shanghai) P.R.China
    ICLASS 2015 (Asia) National Cheng Kung Univ., Tainan, Taiwan (August 23 ~ 27)
    18th Nov. 6-9 2016 (Chennai) India
    19th Oct 18-21 2017 Segwipo KAL Hotel (Jeju Island) Korea